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Consultations and Proposals

Consultations and Proposals

PowerQuik is pleased to provide consultation with clients and potential clients on pre-design and web development issues.

Contact us at any time via email, or Post a Reply below with your contact info.

PowerQuik is pleased to consult with clients and potential clients on pre-design and pre-web development issues.

We specialize in helping you develop your Project Brief. This is an outline of items you’d like to implement to Improve your Online Presence. Typical items may include:

  • The use of keywords and other SEO tools to attract more viewers.
  • Analytics to see how many hits your site and landing pages are attracting.
  • How visitors go through your process as they head to Checkout.
  • Improvement of Conversion rates to sell your products or services.
  • Safe backup, maintenance and site protection.
  • In-office consultation
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