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Why I love MailChimp

Why I love MailChimp

An email marketing client recently asked me:  “What do we need to do – to confirm these subscribers  to the site?  Is there a way to distinguish between spams and legitimate ones?

I responded:  “Not to worry, you are automatically protected by MailChimp. When someone signs up, they are added automatically to the list.”

One of the reasons we like MailChimp is because it uses a “Double Opt-in” system. Signup is actually a 5-step process: 1) Signup form, 2) Signup “Thank You” from TSD, 3) Confirmation Email, 4) Confirmation “Thank You” from TSD, 5) Welcome email from TSD.

To quote MailChimp:  “The double opt-in method ensures that… There’s no way to add a fake, non-existent, or old email address… More important, double opt-in protects against malicious bots and spammers.”

Even better: double opt-in “ensures that you target subscribers who really want to hear from you. These types of lists have much higher engagement levels…”

Going forward, once you’ve captured someone’s email, you can now send out more detailed messages like “Tell us more about yourself” and the responses are automatically tracked.  If they never respond or respond badly, you may decide to drop them from the list. For example, Jane Doe may turn out to be a drunken shoemaker, so you would quietly stop sending her messages…

It’s a self-healing process, since as you learn more about your subscribers, the more you can categorize them and include/exclude them from each mailing (“Campaign”).

MailChimp is my favorite email marketing tool, so I hope this helps!

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