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Meta Tags

Meta Tags

Are they still in use?  Are they still necessary?  Are they deprecated?

Yes!  Meta tags are still important for basic SEO.

What’s a meta tag again?

Meta tags are text that describe a page’s content.  A meta tag is invisible on the page itself, since it resides only in the page’s HTML code. We all know the concept of “tagging” from social media, so meta tags are similar, providing keywords, key phrases and descriptions that help Google and other search engines figure out what your web page is all about.

Do they matter?

Yes!  Despite changes in search engine algorithms, the answer is that they indeed matter, but it depends on the way they are used.  For example, while meta keyword tags matter less, the title tag is still essential. And the meta description tag is important because it’s probably what shows up as your blurb on completion of a Google search.

The most important thing to remember is that context matters. The tags must be intimately related to and representative of the present content. So don’t fake it ’til you make it…  “Keyword stuffing” is still strongly penalized!

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