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The Difference Between Subscribers and an eMail List

The Difference Between Subscribers and an eMail List

Although many people use these terms interchangeably…

… there are some big differences between getting subscribers and building your email list.

  • Subscribers will sign up at your website to receive notifications that you have posted a new blog or article. Your call-to-action will be, “Sign up to receive our latest news, events, and announcements.” This feature is considered “informational” to enhance your viewer’s knowledge.
  • eMail Marketing – The call-to-action may be, “Click here to receive our monthly newsletter featuring our latest news and special offerings.” This approach may be characterized as “promotional” in nature, although the actual goal is to collect the viewer’s email address to build up your valuable mailing list.

It could be said that the first approach is passive and the second a bit more aggressive.  In fact, most email marketing services will feature a “Double Opt-In” tool to insure that your site is not spamming and that the final choice resides with the user.

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