Washington Composers Orchestra
Seattle, 2010, with Eric Barber and others
photo by Shane Williams, aka Thee Lord Fotog
Julius Watkins Festival Concert
Rehearsing for the 2012 concert, Virginia Commonwealth University
Photo by John Mason
with nonet players
Jim DeJoie, Eric Barber, and Thomas Marriott, at the Royal Room, Seattle, 2015
Photo by Shane Williams aka Thee Lord Fotog
IHS French Horn Workshop
Johnson City, TN, 1987, with the band that played in Coal Miner's Daughter
Photo by Richard Taylor Williams
Peter Schaerli Sextet at the Lenin Museum
Kyiv, Ukraine, Soviet Union, summer 1990
Photo by Pius Knusel
performing with Peter Schaerli
Donetsk, Ukraine, Soviet Union, Summer 1990
Photo by Pius Knusel
Duo Recording Session
With Neil Welch on Bass Sax
Release info coming soon!
Jam Session, Ghent, Belgium
with Samuel Ferreira, Victor Prado, and Yuri Sasaki, IHS Meeting, July 2019
Photo by Tom Van Reybrouck
With the French Mallet-Horn Jazz Band
IHS Meeting, Ghent, Belgium, July 2019
Photo by Tom Van Reybrouck
Moers Jazz Festival
Tom Varner Quartet, West Germany, July 1983
Photo by Peter Horn
with La Monte Young, NYC
Large ensemble, late 1980s
Photographer Unknown
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