Maintenance Plan

Basic + Analytics

Basic Features +
$ 29
  • Includes all items from the Basic plan PLUS the following features...
  • Adds Stats and Analytics using the Google Search Console and Includes monthly reporting
  • Adds GT Metrix and PageSpeed Insights studies
  • Adds Broken Links Checker

Basic Plan

Keep Your Website Up and Running
$ 19
Monthly Paid Annually
  • WordPress Updates
  • WP Themes Updates
  • WP Plugins Updates
  • Cloud Backup
  • Spam and Malware
  • Server-Side Resources
  • PHP Versioning
  • SSL

Premium Package

Use Google Tools, Includes Content
$ 39
  • Includes all items from Basic + Plan and adds...
  • Add Content Upgrades Package - text, images, video, links for upload
  • Add Google Search Console and other Google tools
  • Add SEO Recommendations and Yoast tools

All Maintenance Packages include:

  • WordPress Version Updates

    WordPress does ongoing updates for site security in an attempt to keep up with malware, hacks, spam, data-scraping, phishing, and other problems. Updates can prevent site crashes, system failures and security breaches.

  • Backup and Restore

    PowerQuik provides automated cloud backup of your site including database, files, settings, themes, plugins, content, and media. We provide same-day restoration of your site's most recent save in case of server issues or a site crash.

  • SSL

    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security protocol used to make websites work safely and correctly. It's time to update any pages and links that still don't use the https:// standard.

  • Themes and Plugins Updates

    PowerQuik updates themes, plugins and 3rd-party integrations used on your site. We monitor and manage these, making sure all work correctly with the current WP version. If a theme or plugin deprecates, it may be necessary to replace.

  • Malware

    PowerQuik will check and clear spam and phishing attempts in Comments, Emails and Messages and will install anti-malware techniques.

  • PHP Versioning

    PHP is the programming language that drives WordPress. Occasionally, an incompatibility warning appears with a new theme or plugin. PowerQuik can fix this by upgrading your PHP version on the server.

Choose a Maintenance Plan

PowerQuik's ongoing Maintenance service will keep your site performing well. These tasks are essential to the health and well-being of your site.  It is strongly recommended for all personal and business sites!
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